Hire a family law attorney in Houston, TX or the surrounding area

Your family is worth protecting. Whether you're adding to your family or going through a difficult divorce, working with a family law attorney can help you move the process along. The Bryant Law Firm builds strong relationships with all our clients in the Houston, Texas area, going out of our way to provide the best representation possible. Each case is different, and we'll work hard to cater our legal services to your needs.

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When should you contact an attorney?

Dealing with family problems is never easy. As you move through the legal system, you may need an attorney to walk you through the process.

You should speak with a family law attorney if you are...

  • Filing for divorce or dissolution
  • Seeking child custody or visitation
  • Pursuing alimony or child support
  • Adopting a child or children
  • Having a child with a surrogate
  • Submitting a petition for injunction
If you're filing for divorce, a lawyer can help you mediate conversations and split your assets fairly outside of the court system. Get more information today by calling 713-320-9665.

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